Terms of Service

These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into with Drivingschool Zero.
As well as anyone who takes lessons or purchases other services from this driving school.

This contains all agreements that must be adhered to by the Driving School and the students.


  • 1.1 The student receives practical lessons from a driving instructor who meets the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction Act (WRM). The instructor must be in possession of a valid instructor certificate.

  • 1.2 The practical exam will be reserved by the Driving School within two weeks after you have paid the exam costs.

  • 1.3 In principle, the student takes the driving test in the car in which driving lessons are given. However, in the event of force majeure, the student may take the exam in a replacement lesson car.

  • 1.4 The driving lesson must be fully utilized by the student. So the instructor is not supposed to do other things during class time that have nothing to do with the class, for example: going shopping.

  • 1.5 The Driving School has taken out good company insurance in case something happens for which it is liable to you.

  • 1.6 If the lessons cannot take place due to illness of the instructor or an accident, weather and/or traffic conditions, the student will be informed in a timely manner and a new appointment will be made or a replacement instructor will be deployed. In such a case, the student cannot claim any refund and/or compensation.



  • 2.1 To take driving lessons you must be 16.5 years old. To take motorcycle driving lessons you must be 18 years old and have a B driving license or theory certificate A. For moped driving lessons you must be 16 years old. The student must also always have identification with him during lessons.

  • 2.2 The student is responsible for being ready for the driving lesson on time and at the agreed location. If the student is a little late, the instructor will wait a maximum of 10 minutes at the agreed location. If you are not there yet, the Driving School has the right to charge 100% of the lesson.

  • 2.3 The student may cancel or postpone a driving lesson or trial lesson. However, please report 24 hours in advance, otherwise the Driving School has the right to charge 100% of the lesson in connection with the reserved time.

  • 2.4 The student will not be charged for a lesson canceled too late if there is an urgent reason. Urgent matters include: the death of a close family member, funeral and emergency admission to hospital. No urgent reason is, for example: illness, hospital admission where you know you will be admitted, but do not or forget to indicate this in advance, change of school schedule or holiday.

  • 2.5 The student provides all necessary information about his/her medical and/or psychological condition, medication, alcohol and/or drug use truthfully to the Driving School. Personal Declarations that are completed at the CBR and are not completed truthfully are at the own risk of the Student and Parental Authority

  • 2.6 If the student omits something from what is stated in 2.5, the Driving School has the right to terminate the lessons (lesson agreement) immediately without any refund of tuition fees.

  • 2.7 In the event of damage arising as a result of the situations mentioned in 2.5, the Driving School has the right to recover this from the student.


  • 3.1.1 Payments must be made for each lesson.

  • 3.1.2. The trial lesson must be paid at the start of the lesson.

  • 3.2.1 For payments for lesson packages, the payment terms must be paid before each subsequent term; If this is not done, the lessons will be stopped.

  • 3.2.2. Lesson packages are valid for 1 year. If the student does not take the exam for his or her own reason, no money will be refunded.3.3 If the student does not pay on time, the driving school will use the following procedure:

  • a. If a payment arrears arises, you will initially receive a reminder invoice. However, if this is not complied with, you will receive a reminder 8 days after the reminder, in which reminder costs (minimum €10) will be charged. If possible, the student will be contacted by telephone.

  • b. The Driving School may charge interest on the amount due after 14 days have passed after the invoice date. This interest amounts to the statutory interest plus 2% on an annual basis.

  • 3.3 If the student does not pay, the Driving School will engage a collection agency. Of course, there will be additional costs that the student must bear themselves.

  • 3.4 Lesson packages that have been purchased will not be credited if the training is discontinued


  • 4.1 If the student does not appear or shows up late for the exam due to causes attributable to the student, the student must bear the costs of a new application. The exam is cancelled.

  • 4.2 If the driving test is canceled due to bad weather, for example due to icy or snow, the student does not have to pay for the new test himself. The Driving School does then have the right to charge the student the costs of the outward and return journey.


  • 5.1 The Driving School has the right to terminate all forms of agreements if:

  • a. the Driving School strongly suspects that the student has deliberately provided no and/or incorrect information to the Driving School (see article 2.5)

  • b. the Driving School strongly suspects that the student is deliberately not cooperating with the progress of the lessons.


  • 6.1 If the student receives a fine during the driving lesson or driving test and/or causes damage to third parties, the following agreements apply:

  • a. The Driving School cannot normally hold the student liable for fines and damage caused to third parties. The Driving School itself bears the risk unless the student has been warned several times about his behavior.

  • b. If the student deliberately misbehaves in the car or on the motorcycle to such an extent that a collision occurs despite the instructor’s intervention, the student can be held liable.

  • c. It is strictly prohibited to be under the influence of alcohol and other substances that may affect driving skills during driving lessons. If it turns out after a collision that the student was under the influence, the student can be held liable.

  • d. It is also prohibited to take medication that could affect your driving skills during driving lessons. This is clearly stated on the packaging. The student can also be held liable in the event of a collision. Always contact the driving school if you need to use such medications.

  • 6.2 The driving school will ask the student whether he/she has been disqualified from driving. This may, for example, have been obtained if the student was drunk on the bicycle or moped and was taken to court. In such a case, the student is not allowed to drive a training car. If the student has not told the truth and still takes driving lessons, the student can be held liable for any (financial) consequences such as fines and/or damage caused to third parties.

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