Get a motorcycle license A2

Get your A2 motorcycle license quickly? We will take care of this together with you.
You will receive driving lessons on the latest electric (and CO2-free) BMW C-Evolution for category A2.
Our instructors give you clear explanation and provide a pleasant atmosphere.

This way you go on the road with confidence after the practical exam.
From the age of 20 you can take lessons for the A2 motorcycle license and take the practical exam.

We give motorcycles A2 lessons in Amsterdam, Oostzaan and Zaandam.
Our CBR exam areas are Amsterdam and Zaandam.

Trial lesson Motorscooter A2

Take the first step to get your A2 motorcycle license and book your trial lesson:
► You will become acquainted with our driving school
► You learn how the motorscooter works
► You practice gasping, braking, indicating and steering

The trial lesson lasts 1.5 hours and costs € 82.50 including no-obligation advice for a possible follow-up.
Book your trial lesson easily online and start with lessons for your A2 motorcycle license.
Motorscooter A2

IN 5 STEPS your motorcycle license A2

Step 1
Request a trial lesson for Motorscooter A2

Book your Motorscooter trial lesson on a day and time of your choice.
After booking you will receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours.
You can book the trial lesson by telephone or via the app.

NB: You can obtain the A2 motor scooter license from the age of 20.

Step 2
Preparation trial lesson

Make sure you wear sturdy shoes that reach above the ankles.
You can borrow a helmet, jacket and gloves from us for free.

Step 3
Trial lesson Motorscooter A2

After a short introduction we explain how the motorscooter works.
Then you get on the motorscooter and practice with accelerating, braking and doing an exercise that you can expect on the practical exam.
We conclude the lesson with a short evaluation and appropriate advice for any follow-up.

Step 4
Vehicle control (AVB)

To prepare you for the AVB motorscooter exam, we do various exercises.
That way you become increasingly familiar with the motorscooter and you master the basic skills.
For the AVB exam you must be in possession of your driving license or a theory certificate.

Step 5
Traffic participation (AVD)

It's time to hit the road!

We teach you how to best maneuver traffic and how you can deal with the advantages and disadvantages of a motor scooter in traffic situations.
We always do a trial exam before you take the AVD exam.
Then you take the exam at the CBR. If you pass, you will have your motorscooter license in your pocket!

What does the A2 driver's license cost?

On average you need 10 to 15 hours of motorcycling lessons to get the A2 driver’s license.
We have tailored our teaching packages to this average.
Based on your trial lesson we give you advice to choose the starter package or the advanced package.

Trial lesson
  • 1.5 hours of trial lesson

Starter pack

  • 15 hours of lessons
Most chosen


  • 10 hours of lessons

With the A2 motorcycle license you can ride on motorbikes with a maximum power of 35 kilowatts (kW) or 48 hp.

Yes, in the Netherlands it is not allowed to ride on a motorscooter category A2 if you do not have the A2 motorcycle license.

You can start with lessons from the age of 20.
You can also take the practical exam from the age of 20, provided you have passed your theory.


Do you want to know more about the A2 motorcycle license or about our motorcycle lessons?
Then contact us.

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