Driving License Practical Exam

Before you can take the practical exam, you must be at least 17 years old.
Up to the age of 18, you may only drive around with a driver's license under supervision.


You must bring the following documents with you to your driving exam:

  1. Identification;

  2. Completed self-reflection form.

Normally the driving instructor is allowed to drive along.
This choice is yours whether you want this or not.

This is currently not an option due to corona. We hope this changes soon.

Parking lot

Before you start driving, you will first be asked some questions/assignments:

  1. Eye test: from 25 meters you have to read a license plate;

  2. Questions about the car: test the engine oil, tell us about the tire check points or explain the lights on the dashboard.

Exam ride

The exam drive takes approximately 35 minutes, during which you largely drive independently to a destination.
During the ride, the examiner checks whether you drive smoothly, safely and independently.
He pays attention to, among other things, the control of the car, viewing behavior and giving priority.

The 7 components are explained in the videos below:

  1. Drive away;

  2. Straight and curvy road sections;

  3. Crossroads;

  4. Insertion and leaving;

  5. Overtaking and changing lanes;

  6. Special road sections;

  7. Special operations.


During the practical exam or the interim test you must demonstrate two special actions.
You can choose where you perform this.

  • Reverse in a straight line;

  • Reversing in a bend;

  • Parking in a perpendicular or sloping space;

  • Parallel parking;

  • Reverse by inserting;

  • Invert by half a turn;

  • Slope test.

After the exam you will be taken to the CBR exam center
to hear whether you passed or not.

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