Performance anxiety

Do you find driving scary?
Taking an exam scary?
Afraid of making mistakes?

Then you are definitely not the only one with this problem…
It’s actually quite normal because when you do something, you just want to do it well, right?

At Driving School Zero you learn that everything doesn’t have to be right the first time.
In fact, we know that learning to drive is a series of mistakes that will become fewer and fewer.

Step by step we will teach you everything you need to be well prepared for the exam.
The more you know what to do, the more self-confidence you will develop.
All this at your pace because not everyone is equally fast or handy.

Our instructors (m/f) have a lot of experience with fear of failure students and will help you overcome the hurdle.
Do you have doubts or don’t you dare to take the step?

Then book a trial lesson without obligation and who knows, you might change your opinion slightly.
We will probably figure it out together!

Do you find shifting gears and having to pay attention to traffic very difficult?

Perhaps it would be better to first learn to drive in an automatic car.
If you still want to learn to shift gears afterwards, the path is a bit more relaxed and shorter.

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