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The car trial lesson is free if you decide to take a teaching package after the trial lesson.
This is then neatly settled. In some cases there is a discount in the other driving lessons.

It is important that you are healthy enough to participate in traffic safely.
Not only for yourself but also for other road users.

The CBR assesses this with the Health Declaration.
The quickest way to complete this statement is via My CBR.

In the Health Declaration you answer questions about your health.

For example, about the medications you take and about diseases that may prevent you from driving safely.
Or about physical limitations that mean you can only drive an adapted car.

The fear of failure exam is a special driving exam (for category B, passenger car), intended for an exam candidate who cannot perform well due to fear of failure.

The exam is designed in such a way that a candidate who is anxious about failure is better able to demonstrate his driving skills.

Read more information here.

If you fail your driving test 4 times within 5 years, you will then take a special test.

The examiner will then have more time for you and you will receive more personal guidance.
We call the special exam 'further examination of driving skills'.

Your driving school will request this for you from the CBR. Read more hereabout the BNOR exam.

Approximately two-thirds of the way through the training, driving school students can take a so-called interim test (TTT) with an examiner from the CBR.

It is a good opportunity for the candidate to get used to the driving test, earn exemptions and remove any nervousness.

YES! You can pay with us in installments.
With the driving lessons, teaching packages can be paid in installments from 20 hours.

With the motorcycle lessons from 3 hours.
With the motor scooter from 10 hours.

View our rates page for all prices.

Average number of hours required to get the driver's license.
(according to CBR research among exam candidates in 2019).

• Car Driving license 40 hours.

• Motorcycle license 20 hours.

• Motorscooter driver's license 10 hours.

• Moped driving license 3 hours.

This of course differs per student.
Your driving instructor can help you estimate how many driving lessons you need.

Driving lessons in the manual car take 1.5 hours.
An hour is also possible.

Motorcycle lessons also take 1.5 hours and for your exam you have 1 hour lesson.

Motorscooter driving lessons last 1.5 hours

You have moped lessons 1 hour the week before your exam and the day of your exam you have 2 hours of lessons.
If more is needed, an extra lesson can always be planned in the week before your exam.

You can start driving lessons from the age of 16.5.
You can also take an interim test.

When you are 17, you can take a practical car exam.
If you pass before the age of 18, you must drive with a coach next to you until the age of 18.

In that case, in addition to your driver's license, you also need a Companion Pass.


You must enter this number if you want to authorize the Driving School to request your exam for you.

Of course!

It would be annoying if you are used to driving a training car and suddenly get a different car during your exam.
In the unlikely event that something is wrong with the car, we always try to provide the same type of car.


This means you do not have to come to the driving school yourself.
Also pay close attention in the back of the car because you can often learn a lot from your fellow student.

Yes, that's possible.
If you indicate in a timely manner where you want to be picked up or dropped off and this location is within an appropriate radius, this is not a problem.

At Driving School Zero we mainly drive electrically.
We have economical vehicles for shifting cars.

• Car Automatic: Opel Corsa-e (electric)

• Auto Shift: Opel Corsa / VW Golf / Seat

• Motor: Yamaha MT-07

• Motorscooter: BMW C-Evolution

• Moped: NIU MQI+ sport

You can always buy more lessons.
This can be a small package or individual lessons.

We always try to provide the most customized package possible.

If it turns out that you have purchased too many lessons, we will settle the lessons provided that the conditions have been met.

The CBR requires you to wait at least 2 weeks.

We try to find an exam date for you as quickly as possible.
This varies from 2 to 5 months.

Download the form here, print it out and take it with you to your exam or midterm test.
After the exam ride, you will discuss this self-reflection form with your examiner.

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