Motorcycle exam AVB and AVD

You must have one at the start of your motorcycle lessons
of a car license (category B) or a theory certificate (category A).

To get your motorcycle license you must take two practical exams:
Vehicle Control (AVB) and then Traffic Participation (AVD).



  1. Walking with the engine – parking in reverse
  2. Slow slalom
  3. Driving away from a parking space (left or right)
  4. Imaginary eight
  5. Drive straight ahead at a walking pace
  6. Half turn (left or right)
  7. Evasive exercise
  8. Fast slalom
  9. Deceleration exercise
  10. Emergency stop
  11. Precision stop
  12. Stop trial

Click here to go to the CBR page
For more information about the AVB exam.


The exam ride takes approximately 35 minutes.
The examiner and your instructor will drive behind you in a car.
Just like in class, your instructor will give you assignments.
The examiner will then check whether you drive safely and independently.

He or she pays attention to the following, among other things:

  • Viewing behavior
  • Place on the road
  • Applying traffic rules
  • Controlling the motorcycle in traffic


During your AVD exam, the examiner will ask
you have a number of technical questions about your lesson motorcycle.

Motorexam BRAVOK

To make these technical control points easy to remember
is there a mnemonic see here:

B (Tires, Fuel),
R (brakes),
A (Battery, Drive),
V (Relief),
O (Oil)
K (Cooling).


For motorcycle exams and tests you need the following clothing:

  • An approved motorcycle helmet
  • Preferably eye protection, such as a helmet visor or (sun) glasses with plastic lenses.
  • Shoes that cover and protect at least the ankles.
  • Gloves that completely cover and protect the hand and wrist.
  • Pants that completely cover and protect the legs
  • A jacket that completely covers and protects the upper body and arms.

All clothing preferably specifically intended for motorcyclists; this is for safety reasons.
You can borrow this at the driving school.

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